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Forrest County was formed from in 1908, after being divided from the western side of Perry County. Similarly, this was how several other counties were formed in South Mississippi as well. Forrest County formed its overall presence mainly because of the rapid timber boom taking place in South Mississippi, resulting from the large expansion of the railroad and the increase demand for lumber other wise known as the “lumber boom”. This on going progression in the industry and growing population taking place in southern half of Mississippi had a great affect on the timber business. Between 1881 to 1911, the population had increased just under 20,800 people taking settlement in the Hattiesburg area alone of Forrest County. Meanwhile, Perry County’s population was just shy of 7,550 people during that time period.

When Perry County was split into two judicial districts, the “Hub City better known as Hattiesburg, was declared the seat of justice of the Second District, and therefore being renamed Forrest County. In 1880, Captain W. H. Hardy founded the young city of Hattiesburg, reintroduced his attention towards the construction of a railroad from New Orleans to Meridian.

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That being said, you could say Hattiesburg, MS played a major role for the timber industry as it was and still is to this present day, the home of the hub city sitting on four major railroads directed towards: Jackson, New Orleans, Biloxi, and Mobile. The largest mill formed in Hattiesburg was The J.J. Newman Lumber Company, employing well over 1,250 workers and manufactured a surplus of 75,500,000 panel board feet of timber each year. The lumber wholesalers alone inhabiting the Hattiesburg area had more than thirty-five purchasing companies.

Today, Hattiesburg serves as the third largest city in Mississippi. Holding it’s steady position as the best economy market in Mississippi. It’s rapid expansion and development alone will have you itching to buy more property.

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