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Information about Lawrence county Mississippi

In late December of 1814, Lawrence County began its recognition as a Mississippi county when it was formed from a cut out portion of an adjacent neighboring county other wise known as Marion that had just recently been an establish county just three years before hand. Lawrence County was named in the remembrance of Captain James Lawrence. For he his honor as an American maritime war hero during the time of the War of 1812; in which Lawrence served as the naval commander of the USS Chesapeake ship before being killed in battle against the English Naval Fleet. Who eventually seized the ship upon the death and defeat of Captain Lawrence that took place on Lake Erie.

In 1815, the small town of Monticello, which was named after the homestead of Thomas Jefferson, was eventually declared the county seat. Though the town was already being settled upon in the previous years during the late 1790’s. Monticello is located on the west edge of the Pearl River, which is exactly 54 miles south of Jackson, Mississippi; serving as a north to south dividing point of Lawrence County. Furthermore, during the early 1900’s, that point served as an operated river port for steamers going up and down the river from New Orleans. In the 1820’s, the town of Monticello was selected to be Mississippi’s State Capitol which in turn was second guessed the next day by the State Legislature.

Lawrence County total area is estimated to be around 435.70 square miles of which a small portion of 5.8 square miles is water and the remaining portion being that of land, which is 430.60 square miles. The population recorded in the 2012 census was estimated around 13,129 residents.

Adjacent counties are Simpson which is northeast, Jefferson Davis on the east side, Lincoln on the west, Walthall located on the south side, Marion being on southeast and last but not least the County of Copiah which stands on the northwest side. Neighboring Communities surrounding the area of Lawrence County include the following: Monticello, Silver Creek, New Hebron, Nola, Wanilla, and Sontag.

Additionally, the Consensus of 2008 states, that a roughly estimation of 15,212 citizens, 8,102 homes, and 5,472 families are residing in the county of Lawrence. The population density was 39 individuals per square mile with 7,188 household units at an standard mass of 16 per square mile. However, there is a little diversity in the racial makeup of the county being that of 67.75% make up the White racial portion, while 33.25% make up the African American portion, and Native Americans making up just a small percentage of the racial make up being around only 18.2% The household average revenue for Lawrence County is $30,495 and the family average income being $38,678. Lawrence County has a per capita salary of $15,869. That being said, about 17.5% of families and 20.2% of the people within the population were beneath the average poverty line.