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Aerial Drone Mapping Photography & Videography

Angel Luker

Drone Services:  Aerial Mapping: & Inspection Sites

Angelia “Angel” Luker is an honors graduate from Jones College with an associate in arts. Angel oversees our photography, videography, and graphic design. She has also recently completed Drone Aviation Training at Pilot Institute with 20-year Aviation Pilot Greg Reverdiau.  She is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the operation of small unmanned aircraft, referred to as drones, and utilizes them in our imagery.  

Walley Properties, LLC. and Walley Forestry Consultants, Inc. have made this remarkable high-resolution aerial photography and videography available to our clients. Listed below are some of the benefits of having this advanced technology available for land management and real estate sales.

Utilizing Drones in Forest Land Management

  • Immediate response and evaluation of damage to timber stands from ice, fire, or wind damage.
  • Logging inspection, monitoring of road conditions, and calculation of acres harvested.
  • Periodic inspections for Beavers, Southern Pine Beetles, and Cogon Grass infestation.
  • Determination of acreage for site preparation, reforestation, and monitoring of seedling survival.

Utilizing Drones in Real Estate Brokerage

  • This multisensory approach to marketing is proven to increase time spent on each listing.
  • The videography generates a sense of awe and interest over ground based photography.
  • It's a well- known fact that listings that look better and provide more information sell better.
  • Buyers can take a virtual tour of the property from the comfort and convenience of their computer whether you’re at home, office, or even offshore.
  • Buyers have a birds-eye view of timber species, roads, lakes, ponds, creeks, and streams.

Contractual Drone Services offered by Walley Forestry Consultants, Inc.

  • Topographic Maps
  • Utility Line Inspection
  • Oil and Chemical Spill Mapping
  • Agricultural Crop Scouting and Inspection
  • Digital elevation models (DEM) provide a 3D representation of the terrain without vegetation

For more information about our Aerial Drone Aviation Services, contact Walley Forestry Consultants, Inc. 

Office: 601.477.3014 

Walley's Innovative Framework Behind Our Aerial Drone Aviation Services

Walley’s ability to excel in today’s Real Estate & Forestry Market is driven by our emphasis in knowledge and ability to effectively utilize the latest in advance innovation technology. Our specialized skills in Drone Aviation System Technology gives our clients accurate and precise property/land data through our Drone Aerial Mapping & Inspection Services. Furthermore, our drone capabilities involve flying over large land areas at high altitudes as it captures remarkable High Resolution Aerial Photography and Videography. This allows our client to enjoy a high definition, birds eye view of current property and timber imagery for any specific tract of land or inspection site that sparks your interest. Whether you’re interested in buying/selling land or to gain further knowledge of your current forestry and timber management conditions. Our cinematic videography and enhanced photos will give potential buyers or land owners better observation for further knowledge, realization, and understanding than any individual ground level photo or public satellite map one can provide.

Our Detailed Aerial Videos and Photos shows helpful factors including: How much exposure your property gets to daily traffic or just how your property looks from a helicopter viewpoint. Our effective and efficient use of commercial Drone aerial mapping and inspection services is an incredible and valuable tool as our clients benefit from detailed up to date actionable data; without leaving the comfort of their home or office. Giving the full of effect of High Resolution 3D topography, scenic landscape views, and land measurements at the power of your fingertips.

Our innovative use of the latest Drone Aviation Technology is not only highly effective in the Land & Real Estate, but also applied to meet the many needs demanded by the forestry industry.

A Fast & Effective evaluation of any forestry material that is arranged in large piles can be quickly measured in a matter of seconds by photogrammetry to accurately evaluate:

  • The volume, size, & value of Forestry Stockpiles & Distribution Yards.
  • Measurements & Survey of Timber Stockpiles such as: Trees, Logs, & Sawn Timber,
  • To Paper Stockpiles such as: Woodchips, Sawdust, Bark, & Pulp.

The significantly higher resolution images captured are far more informative and superior than current satellite or personal manned aircraft imagery. Our drones services are ideal for hard to reach places that ground crews simply are incapable of accessing. These areas include: Heavily treed underbrush, creeks, rivers, swampy bottoms, marshy wet lands, and extreme topography obstructing site inspections.  That being said, our aerial drone system simply replaces the need to rely on third-party surveyors, and eliminates the time spend waiting for ground survey results or timber data. Not to mention, having to rely on unreliable outdated public mapping systems. All in all, the you’ll be more than satisfied with increased worker safety, and the amount of money and time you’ll be saving with the use of our fast and efficient technology.

The main outcome of our aerial mapping and inspection services is that our aerial drone data is easily transformed into actionable information. Which not only minimizes cost and time efficiency, but results in a faster assessment process of the property or inspection site being evaluated. Contact us today and see how we can apply this advanced and exciting technology towards your business or land needs and maximize it to its full potential as well as increase your profits.

Check out more drone information by clicking on this Article: Drones: Farmers' Eyes Take To Arkansas Skies [Download pdf]

“As the absentee owner of rural timberland in Covington County, I recently made the difficult decision to sell property that had been in my family for more than 140 years. Because I live more than 600 miles away, it was important that I find a company I could trust to handle any issues that might arise. I chose Walley Forestry Consultants. The Walley professionals thoroughly evaluated my land and timber, made appropriate recommendations, and took care of all the details of the sale. I was very impressed with the knowledgeable and friendly staff. I’m glad I made that call to Walley Forestry!”

Brenda Darnley

Walley Forestry client from Tampa, Florida

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