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Mississippi is a state known for her natural resources. Even her nickname, “The Magnolia State,” pays tribute to the beauty of Mississippi’s outdoors. From the sandy shores of the Gulf Coast, through the Piney Woods of Central Mississippi, to the flat lands of the Mississippi Delta and the Hill Country of the northeastern part of the state, each geographic region offers unique opportunities. It is no secret that Mississippi is mainly a rural state, made up largely of small towns and communities, lots of farms and forests. However, most points in the state are within an easy three-hour drive of a major Southern city such as New Orleans or Mobile in the south, Jackson or Birmingham in the central portion, and Memphis in the north.

So, what does Mississippi have to offer those fortunate enough to live here? Even though our summers can be quite hot, average temperatures throughout the state range in the mid-80s for highs and mid-60s for lows. This makes outdoor activities a year-round pleasure. Natural resources are a main attraction for people in the state. For anyone wanting to enjoy the great outdoors, Mississippi is the place to be. There is an abundance of country roads to explore and cool creeks, rivers and lakes for fishing and boating. There are also millions of acres of forests for hiking, bird watching, and hunting any number of small game, turkey or whitetail deer.

Speaking of forests, Mississippi has approximately 19 million acres of forest lands which account for more than 60 percent of the total area of the state. Of those lands, two-thirds are privately owned. According to the Mississippi State University Forestry Extension Service, Mississippi’s timber harvest has topped $1 billion every year since 1993. In nearly every Mississippi county outside the Delta, timber is one of the top three most valuable agricultural crops. Mississippi’s forests are consistently the state’s second most valuable agricultural commodity. When one combines all aspects of the forestry and wood products industries, the economic impact is more than $17 billion. More than eight percent of all jobs in Mississippi are related to the forest products industry.

Because forestry and land are such crucial parts of Mississippi’s economy, we at Walley Properties, LLC, and Walley Forestry Consultants, Inc., take our jobs quite seriously. Our experienced staff works with land owners to meet their specific needs. Whether one wants to buy or sell land, timber, or both, our knowledgeable staff can help. We work with landowners throughout Mississippi, as well as the southwest corner of Alabama. If you are looking for property to utilize for a home, weekend retreat, or tree farm, feel free to browse the listings in this section and contact us if you have questions. If you have land and/or timber to sell, let us help you. Walley Properties, LLC and Walley Forestry Consultants, Inc. are here to assist you in finding the land you want that fits your specific needs.